The Sami platform is built for advertisers to maximize your return on advertising spend, through our content assurance, ROI-maximized ad formats, affordable and dynamic prices, and directly working with Sami’s team. Enquire to work with Sami here.

You should choose Sami.

Maximized Content Assurance

Sami ensures content assurance for advertisers through the thorough verification and limiting of participating Educator organizations. Sami will only distribute educational content, further cementing the assurance of content on our platform. Sami has a 0-tolerance policy for content that is not educationally related, ensuring a safe content space for video advertising.

Optimize Your Advertising Spend

Sami will only introduce in-stream, non-skippable ads on our platform, providing advertisers the ideal ad slots for maximized CTR, maximizing advertising spend.

Directly Work With Sami's SSP

Through Sami’s own SSP, we help advertisers interact directly with our organization, maximizing efficiency when participating on our platform.

Affordable Prices for Premium Content

Advertisement slots on Sami’s platform will always be priced to represent fair and real market conditions, and the effectiveness of individual slots. Sami is built to work with all stakeholders, especially advertisers.