Sami’s video education platform gives learners like you access to video content from the world’s top Educators and organizations, free of charge. By emphasizing education across our platform systems, our integrated educational and personalization features allow Sami to maximize your ability to learn. All of this, for free, always. Join our waitlist here.

You should choose Sami.

Verified Educators Behind Your Content

Participating Educators are verified, curated, and limited to ensure the legitimacy of the content being distributed on Sami’s platform. We only select the very best organizations from across the globe to participate on Sami, ensuring you always receive high quality and diverse content on our platform.

Legitimate Learning

Sami is an educationally integrated platform with features built to maximize learning, not viewing. These features include in-video quizzing, attaching questions to each video allowing you to instantly review your learning. We built organized discussion boards to answer your most relevant questions related to content, not to spam your feed.

Customize Your Learning Journey

Our recommendation algorithm is maximized for learning, pushing content based on the effectiveness of education rather than content consumption. We prioritize the quality of education in our content and Educator rankings, ensuring we only push the highest quality content to you.