As a free video education platform, Sami is built as a recession-proof platform, integrated with our profit-maximized development strategy. Enquire here to partner with Sami.

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Recession-proof Platform Network Business

Sami is a symbiotic platform for organizations to use as a content distribution and promotion space, acting as a conversion channel for content behind paid barriers. This allows Sami to aggregate content without content production, while benefiting participating Educators through multiple, fair economic incentives. This develops Sami as an environment for a strong platform network.

Maximize Organic Growth through Free

As a free platform, Sami’s value proposition is maximized to emphasize organic (WOM) growth, reducing marketing and operational costs.

Profit-Focused Operational Strategy

Our profit-maximized strategy (as opposed to user-growth centric) pushes our organization towards being both cash positive and profitable. Our strategy reflects an emphasis on unit profitability measures, including per ad placement and per user.